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Idle Periodic Table is a prototype game where your objective is to create the entire Universe from nothing. Buying upgrades to create more atoms, and buying upgrades to create atoms simultaneously.

Will you accept more power by destroying your creations or will you brute force your way to the creation of the entire Universe. Starting from creating a single cell organism, to humans, to planets, and so on and so forth.

The goals for creating the universe would be accurate to real world predictions for how many elements are in the Universe. This wouldn't be an average idle game to see how far you can get, this idle game's real goal is to put an actual perceptive into your mind about how big the Universe actually is.

Github Files

Install instructions

To run the game extract the compressed file, and just click on 'idlePeriodicTable.exe' to run, please ignore, and do not delete anything files that are extracted!


Idle Periodic Table.zip 7 MB


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I haven't seen any way the game saves. Some tooltips would also be useful. Otherwise fun to play.

Does not work? I follow the instructions and it always either shows a different error or does not even start at all. I would love to play, but can't.

Thank you very much for submitting this issue, I should have fixed the problem, didn't realize that I compiled it wrong :(

The new download link should work now, without any issues, please let me know if there are any.

Also note that this isn't a completed game, it's a prototype that I plan on recreating in the future.

Lucky me! I just tried to look for the last time before giving up hope, and there is your answer!

Thank you very much for fixing, I'm aware, but it looks fun on the picture and the description, I'll leave some feedback.

Thanks again. :D